Tommy Mao

here’s a weird new funky house track I’ve been working on

In love.

Homie elliott killed this edit! So many new technical tricks brought to the table for fgfs. Nose manual game , tech grind combinations , and 360 both ways ! 

Soulection back at with another banging EP. Followed by their White Label EP series, here is J-Louis Soulection White Label: 010 

With nice grooves, good feeling basses, and nice 808s added to your house/funk sounds, this EP will definitely have you on feet. I’ve been following J-Louis since his last couple series of tracks made from apps on his iPhone. It’s great to finally hear some new tracks and elements added to his heavy 808 bass sounds back in ableton.

10 Things they don’t tell Music Producers… til it’s too late.

This article was very intriguing. It just brought a new aspect to how I am going to make music now. I just started writing music since the beginning of this year and I’ve only finished a couple tracks. Recently i’ve just been trying to write something I really like and enjoy, so i haven’t really dropped anything yet. I’ve been writing endless loops and not finishing any of them. From now on when I write a loop, I am going to finish the whole thing into a track. I think It’s going to help way more, rather then writing a daily loop everyday. I’m going to be gaining knowledge on writing tracks from beginning to end. 

Curtis Ballard 

Curtis Ballard 

Wheel Talk Japan 2013 

The Wheel Talk crew took a trip to 9 states in Japan. The tour included of Wheel Talk Matt, Devon, Ed, and The Fish & Chips crew. Check out this amazing coverage of their trip as Matt hits his super dialed tricks everywhere, Devon devouring every spot imagined, and Ed tackling every monstrous rail out there. I’d have to say cramped neighborhoods and random alleyways makes Japan look like an awesome place to ride and explore. 

Been following Jay Prince since that Mellow Vation. Check out his new joint Polaroids. As dreams & ambitions affect his mad lyrics though this soul bumping joint, talented East London rapper Jay Prince making a rise towards a successful future as an artist.